Burning Instructions and Care
Initial Burning Instructions

Soy wax has what is called a memory so when you light your soy candle for the very first time, it is important to allow it to burn for 2-1/2 to 3 hours! This "memory" is what helps to keep the candle from "tunneling" down the center of the container. Tunneling is one of the main causes for a candle not creating much fragrance while burning! 

(A melt pool is when your candle melts from edge to edge of your jar)

You should burn your soy candle for 1 hour for each inch of its diameter, until you receive a full melt pool. For example: a soy candle 3" in diameter should be burned for three hours to establish its memory. This allows your soy candle to get its full melt pool which will increase the scent throw of the soy candle. If a soy candle isn't given a proper memory burn, especially on the first burn, it will cause your soy candle to burn in a tunnel down the center and you will not get a good scent throw from the candle. 

Weak Flame or the Wick was trimmed too Short

If you trim your wick too short, or it has broken off at the base of your candle, your flame may be weak or may drown out.

To correct this, extinguish the flame and carefully pour off the liquid wax into a safe container then relight. Allow it to burn for about one hour. If the flame is still too small repeat process until the flame is able to continue to burn the wax it has melted with a normal flame size.

High Flame

If the flame becomes too high or flickers repeatedly the candle is more than likely burning in a draft or it's time to trim the wick.

Extinguish the flame, Cool and then trim the wick to 1/8" and re-light

Getting the most out of your candle scent:
If your candle has been burning for at least an hour and you still don't feel it is fragrant enough, try leaving the room (or walking outside to fresh air) with it burning for at least 10 minutes, then come back in. This will allow your sense of smell time to adjust. Many times you will find your sense of smell becomes accustomed to all surrounding aromas and blocks them. When returning after 10 minutes you should then smell the fragrance, if the candle you are burning is large enough for the area it is burning in. Although our soy candles are highly fragrant, sometimes the modern homes/buildings we live in have very large open-floor plans combining many rooms or high ceilings. Many of our fragrances are bold and will scent an entire home, while others are light and were designed to achieve a soothing ambiance. Our recommendation for those with large living spaces is to have an additional candle to achieve maximum scent throw for those larger living spaces.

Other things to think about in regards to scent:
It could also be that you are just used to the scent so you cant smell it. You could also try putting your soy candle in a bathroom with the door closed. Walk in later to see if you can smell it. If you can, then that is a good sign that it's not the fragrance, its the burning conditions. Small to medium sized soy candles can be very fragrant when burned in appropriate conditions and in appropriate sized rooms.

Drafts and/or extreme temperature changes can cause your candle to burn uneven and the fragrance will disperse leaving a poor aroma. Please try moving your candle to a draft-free location if you experience uneven burning.

Also you will want to make certain there is enough air circulation around your candle (do not burn candles in a tight area such as on a bookshelf as there will not be enough air circulation, causing a lack of oxygen needed for the candle to burn appropriately). You will not get a good aroma.

Small to medium candles will almost never be able to fill a whole (large sized) room with fragrance. (for example a 16 oz candle would be appropriate for a 20 X 20 room, any room bigger would require a larger candle in order for the desired scent distribution.)

Candle Care and Storage
Direct sunlight and strong ultraviolet light will fade the color of your candle. Avoid areas where the candle can come in contact with direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to strong lighting.

Fading or clouding caused by sun damage or florescent lighting or from your candles being exposed to heat are nonnegotiable and are not refundable.

Wax will soften and start to melt in temperatures over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Store your candles in a cool, dry place, and away from direct and indirect sunlight.‚Äč

Burning Instructions